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Fairy Tail Chapter 400

Acnologia destroy everything…

Natsu, Wendy and all Dragon Slayer have violent palpitations. What happened…?!

All say that it was the end! Even Hades says also.

Natsu hears his father’s voice.

What? Is the light in Natsu’s stomach? Really?
Igneel says: Natsu, I hope you can forgive me… For everything…
Me: For what?!
And that!
Me reacts: Was that him? Full time, really? OMG!!!
Igneel says: Live, Natsu.
Natsu crying: Dad…
Omg, that was the best manga I’ve ever read!!!

"New manga by Matsuri Hino"

Well, here’s a new drawing of Matsuri Hino, which is an what a great disappoint and ridiculously bad story of Vampire Knight.

If you ask for VK why I was not satisfied. I will give you only one and short answer; “It was a perfect BULLSHIT! Because it is so”!

I admire that she ventures despite their bad reputation new manga.

The new manga looks nice and the content sounds inerssant. But…

I will be looking around every chapter, but I will not venture to hope and interesting case. Not anymore, not since a big disappoint from VK is.

Let me see times and very much hope that Matsuri Hino will not this time make us disappoint!
So, read a lot of fun!

The first kill of the Titan

Mikasa, from Shingeki no Kyojin, Chapter 5
Levi, from Shingeki no Kyojin Gaiden - Kuinaki Sentaku, Chapter 4


The Humanity’s Strongest Soldier

She lives with Eren’s family as her family have been murdered and has a huge talent.
But as she heard that her foster brother Eren been swallowed by Titan, she lose themselves and her world seemed broken. Nevertheless, she don’t want to die and continue to fight to stay alive. But survived her foster brother. She fights and protects him more than before, until Levi enters her life.

He was a former famous criminals and has extraordinary natural talent.
As two his best friends had been front of his eyes eaten by Titan, remains him no choice but to stay the Survey Corps and avenges the Titan who killed his friends. Until he meets Mikasa and change his life forever.

Both are fated for each other!



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